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zohara boyd posts on 2/7/2010 10:01:31 PM Why is Fatal Deadlines the only one of John Luciew's books to be published in hard copy? I can't be the only fan who can't/won't buy an expensive electronic gadget to read a book. Will the other books ever appear in hard copy?
Michelle posts on 1/10/2010 12:04:57 PM I've just finished reading Secrets of the Dear on my Kindle. I enjoyed the story very much and I love Lenny's character. However, there were an excessive number typos in the book, and I wonder what happened, it's as if the book hasn't been proof read. But the story is very interesting, and I can't wait to read another Lenny Holcomb book.
Sandy Fisher posts on 11/16/2009 4:56:25 PM Wish to communicate with you - story about abuses by PA Humane Society Police Officers. No one in the state government admits to having any authority over these people. Please contact me asap.

John Luciew posts on 8/19/2009 11:40:18 AM Hi Readers, Just wanted to let you know the latest on my books. My first mystery, Fatal Dead Lines, was released in 2004 by Pocket Books. It's since become an e-book in 2007. I released two more e-books this year (2009). Secrets of the Dead is a direct sequel to FDL. Kill The Story is a stand alone thriller. Both are on sale for $1.99 in the Kindle store and will be coming to more e-book sites soon. Look for two more e-books -- Zero Tolerance, another stand alone thriller, and Death Notice, an updated and expanded author's version of FDL -- coming this fall. Here are the blurbs for my two e-books: KILL THE STORY A serial killer known as “The Reader” is murdering journalists in the manner of their most famous stories. Dubbed the “Media Murders” by the press, the killings baffle authorities, turn once-aggressive reporters into prey and shock the country in what soon becomes a national story. The cunning killer’s first strike is cleverly disguised as a political assassination, mirroring John Hinckley’s attempt on Ronald Reagan. As it turns out, the fallen reporter had covered Reagan’s shooting. It’s the first of several bizarre killings with eerie similarities to sensational stories the murdered journalists once covered. The story is so big, The New York Times assigns its new national reporter, Cassandra “Cassie” Jordan, to cover its every development. The assignment returns Cassie to her familiar stomping grounds of Harrisburg, Pa., reuniting her with Frank “Telly” Tellis, chief political reporter for The Harrisburg Herald. Only Telly can put together the murderous truth as the secret motive for the killings is buried deep in his journalistic past. But can he solve the puzzle before falling under The Reader’s deadly crosshairs? John Luciew, the author of FATAL DEAD LINES, once again plumbs the depths of power, politics and the press, and the result is pulse-pounding suspense. SECRETS OF THE DEAD In the streets of Harrisburg, a man is killed in what appears to be a straightforward hit-and-run – until the victim turns out to have no identity whatsoever. Obituary writer Lenny Holcomb’s ability to glimpse the secrets of his column’s subjects leads him to suspect that his old friend, ex-congressman George Packard, may have had a hand in the “accident.” But if so, why do all the clues point to Packard’s slick political rival? With the help of ambitious reporter Jacqueline Towers, Lenny follows a trail of political spin and corruption to the highest levels of Pennsylvania government – where the right influence can make any problem disappear. Unfortunately, some very powerful people think Lenny Holcomb has just become a problem … In his sequel to Fatal Dead Lines and Death Notice, John Luciew doubles the action and triples the suspense. And the odds against Lenny Holcomb ever finding the truth couldn’t be higher. It’s a rip-roaring political yarn with an authentic, torn-from-the-headlines feel. You won’t be able to put it down.

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