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Julie Segraves posts on 1/1/2012 Julie Segraves has just written a review of Creature which you can see here
Julie Segraves posts on 1/1/2012 Julie Segraves has just written a review of Sleep Walk which you can see here
Develyn posts on 4/1/2008 10:05:06 PM Hey for the person who asked if v.c andrews writing is like john saul being a big fan of both I can tell you that I really think they both have a different writing style. v.c has alot of drama and saul is more about horror.

ash posts on 1/10/2008 7:13:33 PM I'm basically a new reader of John Saul books, and so far, I've read only three of his books...The Homing, Hellfire, the that order. I'm the biggest fan of horror and thriller and scientific thriller books but I'm absolutely traumatized by these books and I'm afraid to try reading another one. Why are the children always killed in these books, and in such graphic and horrifying ways? I'm so traumatized that I lay awake the whole night thinking about what happened to them. Is there any book of his that does not involve killing children?
posts on 7/5/2006 5:59:27 PM hey group my name is carolyn and i am a VC ANDREWS fan as well as JAMES PATTERSON,JOHN SANDFORD AND LISA GARDNER. i'm really interested in JOHN SAUL because someone mentioned he is alot like VC ANREWS in her writing.can anyone confirm this and plz tell if his books are a good read and if i should read them in order.glad to be a part of your group..thanks carolyn
Kerri posts on 10/21/2005 5:27:45 PM I have been trying for two weeks to get onto the discussion board of john sauls official website and i keep getting the same message. It says i cannot locate my variable. Please submit configuration settings in your UBB classic control panel. Please help.

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