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aris posts on 2/23/2009 10:36:38 PM This movie ended too abrupt. There were unanswered questions. What was the problem with the ex-wife besides here bitterness with her hubby and mistress/divorce? What was up with Jill's student? Or was it nothing but attraction for a teacher (usual teacher/student adoration/obsession) Also I was interested to know what conversation Jill and Cole had? also who put the glass in the food at the restaurant? I thought it was too soon for the the daughter's boyfriend to be able to film the husband's liason with his intern, as she just went inside the apt, and not enough time for her to undress and for them to begin their lovemaking scene. Also should have been able to see the court scene of convicting the abused wife. She had self-defense case, would there not been investigation in checking her hubby hand for cuts, abrasions,scars, blood, bruising or some other evidence that may have been a sign of evidence liking him to beating her? Lastly, Jill should have known it possible that her hubby was no good and that he could repeat the same thing he had done with her as a mistress and he could do it again. You could tell that he only cared about himself? self-centered but I guess not as we would not have a movie right?

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