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Marjorie posts on 4/10/2009 7:28:07 PM I am reading Still Life now, it is hard to put down, fast moving and exciting. I recommend it highly.
Janie posts on 7/28/2007 9:10:05 PM I just finshed reading this book and once again she hit the mark. Another great story by Joy Fielding. So many thongs happen to people on Mad river Road ... but until they arrive there they each have their own story brewing ... highly recommended ... suspenseful until the end when the stort unfolds.
kim posts on 11/1/2005 7:51:52 AM I just read my first Joy Fielding book, The First Time. Wow! what a great book. I would not have read this if I had known how sad it is. I am glad I didn't know because I would have missed out. Is there or will there be a follow up? Is Honey really gone (I hope so!) and what happens to Kim?

karley posts on 10/12/2005 5:05:00 PM i think joy fielding is a fabulous writer. i just finished "missing pieces" for a school project, and im having so much fun doing a critical analysis on it. i do think however, whispers and lies is her best. i loved the ending which some people didn't fancy. if you haven't checked out missing pieces, its also a very good one. but the ending is slightly disappointing!
Meagan posts on 4/3/2005 4:54:20 PM In don't cry now, what is bonnie's step sons name?
Lori posts on 2/9/2005 10:39:52 AM Joy Fielding is a wonderful writer. I've loved every one of her books (I've read them all except Puppet). The First Time, is my alltime favourite. After that, they're all equally wonderful, except, I didn't like the ending of Whispers & Lies. Terry is evil and she gets away with it. Can't wait to get my hands on Puppet. Keep writing Joy. - Lori
Melanie posts on 1/18/2005 7:26:24 PM I just want to say that I am the biggest fan of Joy Fielding. I have every book (except the newest one "Puppet"..but I am getting it this weekend) and I love them all. The way she writes her characters and how she pulls the reader into the story is very intriguing. I have gotten my sister hooked on reading Joy Fielding, so much that she borrowed a couple of books and has yet to return them....LOL! Anyways, I just wanted to say that I look forward to more stories and creative plots in the future. There is no other author like her.

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