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Charles Chapman posts on 2/4/2009 2:02:18 AM Dear Ms. Borthwick, I have read 3 of your recent books. You are a wonderful author and storyteller, and the world needs more like you. Since we do have you, is there a new book coming? The last I show is "Foiled Again" from 2007. By the way, (and don't change your style) isn't there room for a little romance between Sarah and Alex?? Thanks, Dick Chapman
Susan Abel posts on 10/4/2005 8:11:22 AM Hi, I am a high school librarian looking for up to date biographical information about you. A student is reading THE STUDENT BODY and needs at least a page of biographical information about the author. Thank you in advance.
Claudiya posts on 6/3/2005 12:22:58 AM Hi: I love all of your books!! Do you have a website/email address? When will a new book hit the stores? A Loyal Fan, Claudiya

Shirley A. Wilson posts a message on 3/28/2005 9:25:18 PM Hello, again. I didn't get your e-mail address and didn't see any way to respond other than by using "Reply." Did you notice the word "commenator" on the website? Shouldn't that be "commentator"? I thought you would be given access to my e-mail address which I have provided so feel free to contact me directly. SAW
j.s.borthwick posts on 3/28/2005 10:16:09 AM thanks for the nice remarks re the Hook-billed Kites and the others I might ask you to look over new book if you're in my part of Maine. Respond to my e-mail which is entered here. If they don't give it to you send a new message. cheers, js.
Shirley A. Wilson posts on 3/9/2005 9:58:32 PM I recently came across "The Case of the Hook-Billed Kites" and because I am an avid birdwatcher, I checked it out. Then I began reading the rest of your series of books. I just love Sarah and Alex and the assorted family members that appear in the books. I'm just finishing "Dude on Arrival." I just found this website and saw the two messages about proofreading. I have heard other authors make the same complaint (to name one, Denise Swanson who lives near my home in Illinois spoke of this problem at a book signing). If you want a good proofreader (at no cost), get in touch with me. I'd love to help you out -- I used to edit math books, but mysteries would be more fun. I spend my summers in Maine (one of the advantages of a teaching career!), and my friends call me "Eagle Eye."

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