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Rosanne posts on 8/26/2007 7:25:29 PM I am presently enjoying Jude's book, "The Mulberry Tree." I have read almost all of her previous books. On the back cover of Mulberry Tree, (published in 2002)It says that Jude was living in NC with her 4 yr old son, who would now be 9 yrs old. I looked up her bio and Jude was born in 1947 making her now 60. It also says her son died at the age of 8. It says nothing about her husband. She must have had her son when she was 49 or 50? Does anyone have any other information. I am a curious fan.
Charlotte posts on 8/26/2007 10:29:22 AM I just wanted to say that Ms. Deveraux's works are some of the best works that I have read in a very long time. I was not into reading in my earlier years and I happened upon one of her Montgomery series books and I was hooked. At this time, I am reading the Always and Forever series. In the book, Always, the book that I have is missing pages 297-328. It reverts back to pages 57-88. I tried reading the pages starting on 329, but it does not make a lot of sense and I was wondering if this has happened in all of this book's publication or just mine. I would be really interested if anyone has these pages so that I am not TOTALLY confused. Help!! Jude (Ms. Deveraux, you're AWESOME, keep on writing). I will definitely keep reading.
Sue posts on 8/24/2007 6:39:03 AM I still look for my Nicholas..

Jennie D posts on 8/23/2007 9:40:04 PM My first one I read, Knight in shining armor, has to be my favorite! But I also love the velvet series, and the twins of fire and ice.
Anonymous posts on 8/20/2007 8:49:26 AM There are two Kane Taggerts: The first one is in the "Twin of Fire/Twin of Ice" duo. The second one is Michael Taggert's twin, from Sweet Liar. The second Kane's own romance is featured in a short story in an anthology, "Matchmakers" in The Invitation.
Chris posts on 8/19/2007 7:41:14 PM I have just purchased Ms. Deveraux's new novel "someone To Love" and was wondering if the main character, Jace Montgomery is the same character from "Wishes"?
joanna posts on 8/12/2007 12:32:54 PM I have been reading Jude's books since I was about 15 (I'm 37 now). I have read all her books at least 2-3 times. She is my all time favorite. What is your favoite book from her?
Jennie D posts on 8/5/2007 7:14:41 PM In answer to somone asking if Kane taggart has a story, I believe he's in the book "twin of fire", awesome story!! And in answer to more books that take place in arundel, "carolina Isle", really good book as well! But I am biased, I have all Jude Deveraux's books (including her new one "someone to love, a must read!!) She is the best author of our time!!
Kim posts on 7/2/2007 1:37:26 PM I just finished reading Sweet Liar for the hundredth time (outstanding book of course)! I was wondering if Jude wrote a book about Michael's twin brother Kane? Does anyone know if she wrote a book and what the title is?
sw33ty715 posts on 3/23/2007 5:20:15 AM I just want to say that I LOVE the Forever Trilogy of Jude D. She is such a great author. There are some similarities between the Forever Trilogy and her famous Knight in Shining Armor. However, the later books in the series (FT) are less romance oriented and more mystery/ sci fiction focused. Some readers report that they don’t like the serious because of the shift in genre. I think those readers should open their mind up and try different things. Jude D. is really talented to writing a series that is new and very captivating. After reading the first page of Forever, I can’t put the book down, and I find myself staying up night after night reading one book after the other
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