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book reader posts on 6/9/2005 4:51:24 PM Eww! Why is this book so slow? (Jacob Have I loved)
Jen Lee posts on 5/31/2005 10:32:49 AM I need a short Summary of this entire book ASAP!!! If possible please send to me!!! It would be much appreciated
George Jing posts on 3/15/2005 2:58:41 PM I need a review of the books, come sing jimmy jo, preacher's boy, and jip his story, by 3/17/05 thank u

Clare M. D. posts on 3/8/2005 8:49:45 PM I loved Bridge to Terabitha, so sad yet inspiring. Poor Leslie, and Jess... I understand that book, but I still got a bad grade on it with a group, but I love the book, and a grade can't change that.
Alex posts on 3/2/2005 10:41:34 AM Jacob Have I Loved changed my life. It gave me a whole new perspective on the world and how I was viewing it!! Much love to Kathy P.!!!
Barbara A. Small posts on 2/20/2005 7:03:56 PM I am interested in knowing why this book was placed on the challenged book title list? What criteria did the critics use to challenge this book? I need to have this information by 2/28/05. this assignment is due on 3/1/05. Thank you.
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