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AumtMama posts on 7/16/2011 9:07:34 PM Whoever did the chart for the book Shamms put the setting as the Pacific Islamds when it should be the Caribbean or the west indies in the Atlantic ocean.
Lynne posts on 2/25/2011 11:09:12 PM Ok I read Ashes in the Wind years ago and just reread it. There was a comment from Cole about the inscription on her wedding ring that took so long, when she recieved it, and I thought that there was more to it at a later time in the book. The inscription, I thought I read, was to Al, but could not find that passage again on the rereading. Can anyone help my in this?
Terri posts on 2/17/2011 10:50:05 PM does anyone know if the book shanna by K woodiwiss comes in the largersize paperback I believe it is 8/5. I know ashes in the wind comes in the larger size I have it I tying to locate one for shanna.

Aislinn posts on 1/2/2011 9:41:42 PM You might try a couple of Johanna Lindsey books. "A Pirate's Love" is one that comes to mind and there are a couple of others which I would call gothic romances similar to Kathleen Woodiwiss's style.
little betty posts on 12/22/2010 1:51:24 PM I'm new to Woodiwiss' novels, but have already finished all of them! I'm desperately trying to find an author similar to her...I've read Tessa Dare, Lisa Kleypas, and a few others....not the same. Can anyone help me?
Kara A. Marais posts on 6/1/2010 2:34:18 PM Edi, only the Birminghams have sequels (the characters from Flame and the Flower). They are listed on wikipedia under 'Birmingham family Saga Series' and include The Flame and the Flower, A Season Beyond a Kiss, the Elusive Flame, and also two short-stories. All the other KEW novels are stand-alone, although a character from another novel did briefly walk through the pages of Petals on the River (they bought the completed ship in the story, if I remember correctly). I hope this helps!
Edi Crosby posts on 5/31/2010 2:35:27 PM Which books of Kathleens are sequels? I read them YEARS ago, and am buying them now for my collection to re-read. BUT, I want to read the sequels together. THANKS a million! God Bless her and all her avid readers over the years..........
Lilarose posts on 2/16/2010 2:53:05 AM I was sad to hear of Kathleen's death at such a young age with so much time ahead of her. I have owned all of her books plus some she co-authored with other writers. I live in my RV now so I had no room for the books. I gave them to a book store to pass on to others. No point in having them sit on a bookshelf for years. Rest in peace, Kathleen and my best wishes to your family.
Yonna posts on 1/20/2009 9:15:25 AM I have read all of Katleen E Woodiwiss's books many times. They are the best there is, she was an awesome author. Her books make you go threw all the emotions anger,pain,happiness and tears. I have read hear books for well over 20 years and have just started rereading them again, you just get so involved in the story's in the characters. My all time favorite's A Rose In Winter and The Flame And The Flower, i read the whole book then for days just reread thru parts I think are the best. I am starting The Elusive Flame next. I have most first editions of her books in either hard cover or paperback some I have in both.
asha morgan posts on 2/1/2008 6:19:36 AM loved all her books.I have read them over and over and still cannot get enough.
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