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Paula posts on 10/19/2009 7:25:57 PM I need some help on finding a book. I picked it up to skim it and did not buy. Went back to the store and it was gone. My problem is I forgot the name of the book or the author. The story is about a sheriff who is called out to find a skier who has not come in from the slopes. He goes to the slope,where he is met by his best friend and best friend's brother. The best friend's brother takes off to find the skier. The brother who is a vet also has a pack of search dogs. While they are all gathering their information they hear a shot. The dog owner starts off with the sheriff. The search dog runs ahead and comes back several times and they know he has found something. Finally they get to the spot the dog is "anxious" about and the sheriff finds the body of his friend's brother. Of course the vet goes with the body in an ambulance and the sheriff starts out a hunt with his deputy who is the man he found with his wife (he is now in the process of a divorce). That's about as far as I got. Does anyone know the name of the book? Thanks,
racheal ziegler posts on 12/10/2008 11:29:44 PM If this goes to linda anderson hi, im 19 yr old racheal. im currently a mom of a 2 year old boy named jayden. i know your prolly to busy especially this time of year but iv never been able to thank an author for writing such a book. When Night Falls is by far my favouritist book in the world its one of my most cherished items i have of my childhood. i was 15 when i found your book and after that day i have always loved reading. the ending was the first book that went into detail as to what happend at the end and you couldnt have done a better job. i have searched everywhere for copies of ur book it seems its out of print. i know b/c i drove around and checked every used bookstore i could find. Ur book i find i can pick up without leaving a bookmark and pick it up where ever i am and get into it without caring weather id just read it. I hope this message gets to you i just wanted to say thankyou for taking me out of every situation i was in were i could just forget it all and be apart of the book i could feel her pain and relate so well to her problems it was easy to forget my own. You have an amazing talent and i have never found a book thats beat it yet although stephenie meyers is very good ur book will always be under my pillow. i warped the front cover and made my own outta construction paper lols i cant let it go i hope u never stop writing ur story has brought such happyness thanks for touching my life with your gift of writing. Your biggest fan rachelle from waterloo ontario
linda anderson posts on 10/23/2007 5:34:14 PM great xmas present for my mom''''she loves to read,,,will make a wicked nice gift''''ty'much linda

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