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posts on 4/22/2006 9:36:24 AM I know I've read about the wallflowers in another book. It had to do with a gypsy woman falling for a Lord. Does anyone know which one I'm talking about?
Eugenia posts on 3/16/2006 2:02:27 PM When is Scandal in Spring available to buy? This is the last of the Wallflowers and I wonder if Daisy will end up with Cam.
JRLP posts on 3/8/2006 9:40:10 AM I have gone to her website and tried to email her. It says she is not reading emails at this time, post to a message board. Did that. I realize that is a vague reference. It is just the only part I can remember reading for sure. Thought someone might have read this particular book and remember it. Thought it was worth a shot.

anita posts on 3/6/2006 6:04:49 PM did you read the excerpt about the book? what you listed is a little vague. they all marry at some point in her books. can you think of more. or go to her web site and email her she will email you back.
JRLP posts on 3/6/2006 9:27:32 AM I read an excerpt from a Kleypas book in New Orleans in July. I did not get the book then, (wish I had). I have bought every book of hers I can find since then and still don't have that one. Apparently, the couple in the book got married. The husband could not wait for everyone to leave the "wedding reception" before he took his wife upstairs to consummate the marriage. They were discussing the fact that he had to "talk her into" getting married. He asked, "Why did you decide to marry me?." Does anyone have any idea which book this is?
anita posts on 1/17/2006 12:34:11 AM tonya, i have not read all lisa's books, but i have read all the reviews. Then Came You is the only one that sounds close to what you described.
LKfan posts on 1/16/2006 6:46:19 PM "dreaming of you," is definitely a keeper for me. but her "worth the price," is also worth your time to read. enjoy!
tonya posts on 1/16/2006 1:21:51 PM I'm looking for a Lisa Kleypas book with a plot like this: a young girl kisses a guy in the garden (her cousin was to marry him). They are forced to marry and he leaves her on their wedding night and stays gone for a long time. Can anyone tell me the title?????
ohdee posts on 12/24/2005 6:44:43 PM I've read about 5 of LK's books and love them. I'd appreciate some ideas of similar authors - soon I'll be finished with all of LK's books. I've read all of Stephanie Laurens and Linda Howard's books already. Thanks!
Begotrika posts on 12/19/2005 9:05:23 AM For "Andrea posts on 5/1/2005 8:57:14 AM": I think that "suddenly you" and "dreaming of you" are my favourite, but "Lady Sophia's lover" is also fantastic! I have read most of them and none has taken me more than 3 days to read
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