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katherine posts on 1/22/2009 9:23:38 PM this was the best book ive ever read!!!!i loved it and i could not put it down. it was intense and unpredictable! i love the climax and plot, and the vivid details Lowry used to describe annemarie's mission to save her best friend (and her family)
All I want is the good life posts on 4/21/2005 9:08:25 PM Were reading this book in school and I love it! when we went outside to read a chapter the teacher said we could either play or read and I chose to read it! this book is a very good book! I fliped to the the chapter afterwards sad ending.
Josh Joseph posts on 3/3/2005 8:57:47 PM Dear Lois Lowry my chapter is called is called They meet again? if you e-mail me you can read it and i just want to say thank you for this great book it made me feel so proud to be jewish and it was so exciting at ends of chapters that i could not put the book down. (ps)in my e-mail address it says Slash it means the word slash k so if you want to e-mail me about my chapter 18 for Number the stars then do the word Slash ok thanks bye. From, Josh Joseph

olivia posts on 1/23/2005 4:39:22 PM I just read it, and it was amazing. it really taught me some things i didn't know about history! :)

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