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Anna posts on 4/18/2008 5:46:38 PM Reading your books are so much fun! i have to force myself to do my homework before i read because i know ill get hooked on the book and never stop reading! ethan and leah are my favorite but still very sad! i wish so much that i could change the ending...even though I know that is the only way it could have ever worked out.
Crystal posts on 4/18/2008 5:14:37 PM I love your books! they are the best! I read your books 24/7 i have read about 8 or 9 of them and cant wait to read more! you have inspired me so much! thanks!
girl who loves dawn posts on 4/11/2008 9:21:18 PM i got the last dawn rochelle series book. people are starting to be all weird whenever i read one of your i dont read them at school as much.lurlene you make reading my favorite freetime activite

danielle posts on 4/10/2008 7:48:01 PM i love all your books especially the series with ethan and leah
britt posts on 4/9/2008 2:26:07 PM lurlene, i think you should try to make the ANGELS IN PINK series a movie. i loved them. I cried a lot when Hunter died in Holly's story. i felt so bad for Holly and Raina. BTW, i think Kathleen's boyfriend, Carson, is hilarious. please try to make these books into a movie. all the books of yours that i have read are good enough to be made into a movie. your # 1 fan. keep writing
ashlee posts on 3/22/2008 9:22:26 PM i'm reading The angel Trilogy i luv this book i have already read two of your books i loved them two i can't wait to read more of your books
girl who loves dawn posts on 3/22/2008 5:47:27 PM hey lurlene .i just lost one of your books i was reading and i was getting to the best part . i think i would die if i DO NOT get it SOON
girl who loves dawn posts on 3/21/2008 7:03:20 AM lulene,i am on the third book of the dawn rochelle series.i am at the part where marlee is got cancer again and she wants dawn to come visit her.i wonder if she is going to die like sandy ? i am wondering if thre really is a fith i think your books are great but try to make dawn rochelle a movie.ttyl
girl who loves dawn posts on 3/20/2008 8:59:09 PM lurlene your books rock .i love the dawn rochelle just rocks
clair posts on 3/17/2008 12:54:18 AM i love this book i found this at my school library and i'm glad i did cause it's now one of my favorite books!!! I wish there was more like what julie did afterwards. Is there a sequel?
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