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Kimberly posts on 1/24/2010 2:30:03 PM i loved a wrinkle in time, a wind in the door,and i hated a swiftly tilting planet. im a 6th grader and i want to know if many waters is worth reading.
martinous posts on 8/3/2007 10:53:26 AM the book was a fake harry potter and i didnt like it cause pur grade had to read it and the notes are not on sparknotes!
Marshala Patterson posts on 4/14/2007 12:24:46 AM this is the best book i've ever read i recomend this book to anyone who loves fantasy.

beth posts on 4/12/2007 9:46:17 PM I am trying to find out any or all references for the title of A Wind in the Door, allusions, or meaning behind the title.
lemony fan** posts on 10/12/2005 5:02:16 PM manda your so right people really need to read and listen to that! read lemony snicket
Amy Nicholson posts on 10/12/2005 2:10:26 PM Having read and re-read A Wrinkle In Time, A Wind at the Door, and Swiftly Tilting Planet as a teen, I am just now discovering (in my 30's, but what is time?) the Austin series. I never knew that you were writing new books throughout the 1980's -- your books are so "radically old-fashioned" as some of your characters would say. I wish I'd looked further than my jr. high library! But now I have the pleasures of many more wise and wonderful stories from your pen (I have a feeling you still prefer to write rather than type, mostly?) and the honor of introducing my own teens to your work. And as an adult and a writer, (in a small scribbly way), I find the riches of your pen even richer than I was able to receive in my teens. That's what happens when you write so truly. Thank you for your generosity to your readers, which can only reflect a life generously lived. -Amy
Manda posts on 10/3/2005 5:57:08 PM Note: Your message may not post if (1) it has foul language, (2) it promotes other websites or (3) it is devoid of meaningful content (such as "yay!" or semantic grunts like "book good!").
Vanna E. posts on 5/18/2005 8:03:03 PM ohh my gosh, im a sixth grader..and wen i read ur bewk, i was just amazed how a person just wrote a bewk like that! ur bewks r wonderful tew read. and uve writen back tew one of the teachers at my skewl...(Mrs. Susie Goldberg) thanx for writing these bewks!
John Bertoncini posts on 5/10/2005 11:35:32 AM I liked your book and i hope you come out with a new one soon. I thought that it was a very exiting book and i like how you described the dragons. I thought that it was sad that the boy got beet up because he saw dragons. I wanted to cry, not really but i did like your book.
Kathy Ngo posts on 4/1/2005 3:37:34 PM HI Madeleine I am just 10years old and I love your books!Can you send me some pictures of you I have a project and I need your picture so I have one thing...HOW DO YOU MAKE SUCH GOOD STORIES!?!?!?!?!
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