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Patrick B. Miano posts on 3/9/2005 5:42:05 PM Frankly the book left me cold in a couple of places. A total novice like Youssef bin Hassan would never have been picked for such a mission and Ahmad bin Faisal broke way too easy. Non-field type or not, he would have been tougher. Also, Isabelle and Marie, the vaunted "Twins", met 21st Century idealized male fantasies of gorgeous lesbians and kick-butt chicks. They killed an innocent girl during the Minneapolis hit and it bothered me that Dale wasn't annoyed by that. Charley I could understand - I knew guys like him in the army. "Oh well, we all do it"; translation: she wasn't anyone I care about so who cares? Also, the book ends with the unspoken implication that if Isabelle were to switch to anyone, it would be Charley. What a crock! Another fantasy of the typical middle-aged man who imagines he's as good as he never was (I'm 55).

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