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Macy posts on 12/29/2010 2:36:36 AM Well actually, it has something to do with your book "Sabotaged". When I was reading it (thought I'm not really very far at all, I noticed that 'Virginia' was from Roanoke, and that her last name was "Dare"; not Laddon. We recently did a project on Jamestown and its people. Virginia's name is Virginia Laddon, not Dare. I do know that in books there has to be changes to history and all of that, so really, I'm just wonder if you did that on purpose or accident? Hop eyou check this website... :)
AEREIANA posts on 12/20/2010 4:39:36 PM borrrrring towards the end but sad and depressing in the beginning but still borrrring
lauren posts on 8/18/2010 2:29:43 PM HI my Name is Lauren and i am doing a summer reading project that contains the book Among the Hidden. I have to answer Questions about the book and so far i have completed all except for the setting. I must give a Where,When,Time,and Place. If you can help me out i would very much appreciate it i already have the future and Lukes familys farm i just don't know what to put for time and where. Please Help Thank you!

Katie Miller posts on 7/13/2010 3:14:37 AM Among the Betrayed needs to be made a movie
addison sheldon posts on 6/10/2010 3:25:07 PM hi! I love the shadow children sequence, can you write more? Bye
dakotammmmmm posts on 5/12/2010 8:56:01 PM anyone know how to contact margaret i need her info for a school project PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! i need it!!!!!!!!!! (her mailing address) :) <3 :) <3 thx!!!!!!
Monica Mendez posts on 5/7/2010 3:32:03 PM What books does Margaret Peterson Haddix write most about?
Amanda posts on 5/4/2010 2:32:42 PM I am making a Authors Trading Card in my reading class and I thought it would be a good idea if I had some information that is not on any bio. What is your favorite food? Your best vacation! Favorite animal? Morning or Night person? And what did you want to be when you were 7?? Thanks!! Amanda
Anonymous posts on 4/28/2010 10:06:32 PM why did you want to become an author?
Mary Martin posts on 3/24/2010 11:51:32 AM I am studying you for my author study at school. Here are a few questions: Have you won any awards? What is your favorite book out of the ones you wrote? What is your favorite book you did not write? What types of books did you like to read as a kid? Do you have any advice for wannabe authors? (Other then read a lot)
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