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Anonymous posts on 4/25/2005 8:35:15 PM First, the Maharal or the Rabbi that makes the Golem in 16th Century Prague is named Judah Loew and not Jacob. Malkah tells Yod this story as a bed time story. Second, Yod is a cyborg not a Golem. He is a Golem figure because the two parallel each other. Joseph the Golem and Yod the Cyborg both were made to defend their villages but they are not the same thing. One other thing, the novel itself refutes a comparison of Yod to Frankenstein's monster based on Yod's complexity so it would seem counter productive to use such a comparison in your summary if the novel you are summarizing contradicts it (Chapter 18). This summary lacked any mention of the deeper themes of the novel and was incredibly superficial. I suggest revision. Thanks

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