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charlotte posts on 4/11/2005 9:16:02 PM I was looking around our used book store here in arkansas and came across her books ive never read them before and just bought one. Now i love them and am buying all of them. keep up the good work ms. stewart
Amanda Crosby Miller posts on 3/21/2005 10:00:15 PM Ok--I hope these books are as good as you say....I was doing a google search of my maiden name and this book series popped up. I'm not sure how it's going to feel to read a book about someone with my name being stalked, etc. It ought to be strange. I get the feeling I'll be sleeping with the lights on. Amanda Crosby Miller
Dale Gash posts on 3/4/2005 9:32:08 AM Generally the book is well written. There are a number of flaws within this tome that I would like to expand upon. The FBI would never allow the use of an individuals "cabin in the woods" as a safe haven. A totally unkown hiding location would have been used. This makes the plot very weak.The antique gun reference, page 341, "refitted to hold modern ammo" makes little sense. It is implies that this is a single shot old gun.Any modifications as sugested seems unlikely. Page 358 HE" fully loaded the chamber" )chamber is singular -one shot. Should have been chambers. The statement on page 361 states that an antique single shot pistol was converted to multiple shot. No one in their right mind would ruin a antique firearm, trying to convert it to multiple shot. "No need to tell him the gun was fitted with modern chambers" single shot to multiple shot.Was it converted to a revolver or an automatic. With the authors miniscule knoledge of firearms she probable started out with a flintlock. I have worked as both a gunsmith smith and a toolmaker for over 40 years. Ms. Stewart need a proofreader that has a knoledge of guns. She does write well. Sorry if I have ruffeled any feathers. Dale Gash

Leah posts on 1/1/2005 8:53:41 PM Someone was giving away a bunch of books and Dead Wrong was in the lot and I feel in love with Dead Wrong, some much so I went the day after Christmas, (horror of horrors) and faught the crowds then bought 3 more books, Dead Certian, Dead Even and Until Dark. I am hoping I will have the chance to read more books about Evan, and other people from this series, and catch up how Jullianne is doing with Mara and Adian. Happy New Year!!

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