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shadow.wanderer posts on 2/9/2010 1:54:33 AM It states clearly in Priestess of Avalon that Eilan/Helena is Tiriki/Eilantha (note: Eilan-Eilantha) when Eilan talks to the priest at Inis Witrin and he recognizes her (he would be the reincarnated of Joseph then). Since Teleri is likely Adsartha, I think Dierna would be Isarma. Osinarmen would be Constantius then.
Anonymous posts on 6/8/2008 3:40:13 PM i think viviane can't be eilantha because igraine in the mists of avalon, dreams a pass time when she were in stonehenge with micail. but i don't know who viviane is ^^
Arcana posts on 11/21/2006 6:36:49 AM I've been wondering about the same thing! I've just finished the second part of "Lady of Avalon" (for maybe the 5th time ;-) ) and I can't determine which soul is which person... Here are a few incarnations I do know: Adsartha: Deoris - Eilan - Teleri - Morgaine Isarma: Domaris - Caillean - ??? Osinarmen: Micail - Gawen - Carausius - Arthur Eilantha: Tiriki - Sianna - ??? I can't make out wether Isarma is reincarnated though... At the end of the first part of "Lady of Avalon", Caillean says that she didn't see herself reborn in Avalon, but did she mean ever or just in the next few generations? And wether Dierna and Viviane is the soul Eilantha or Isarma?

marajade1023 posts on 11/18/2006 8:35:23 PM Anyone have any thoughts on which characters in the Avalon series throughout are reincarnations of characers from Web of Light/Web of Darkness? I know that Tiriki and Micail reincarnate as Sianna and Gawen and Eilean and Callien are reincarnations of Deoris and Domaris, but can anyone give me their best guess on which other characters from Avalon are reincarnations and which original characters they represent?

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