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marjie posts on 1/29/2010 1:15:35 PM I totally agree with you. I used to love her books and now I feel like she's just churning them out.
susan k. posts on 1/3/2009 4:01:35 PM Balogh's older books are even better than the ones she has put out lately. I would say that More Than a Mistress was her last really good book. The ones since are okay. Not as detailed or deep. I AM a big fan and wonder if anybody out there who likes her books because they are special and well-written can tell me of other authors they find to be as exceptional. Especially Regencies. Susan
Teresa posts on 11/9/2006 10:39:36 PM A night to love is awesome, Silent melody is a beautiful story and a summer to remember is good. Both a summer to remember and a night to love have characters from the slightly series but silent melody is a must read. It is my sisters favorite romance and one of mine.

laura posts on 6/14/2005 11:30:57 AM Just finished the "Slightly" series and loved it. I'm a Stephanie Laurens fan but loved MB's. Can anyone advise another of her series to read & in what order? thanks!

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