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Gina posts on 3/21/2012 4:23:30 PM I'm white and sick by what this Zimmerman has done. My family and my co workers are black and white and that doesn't color my view of this situation. There is a problem with this "stand your ground law" and a bigger problem with idiots allowed by the State to be armed. I'm so sick for this young man and the travesty that happened in the backward stupid State - Florida is stupid! From the Governor to the Senate - WHY ISN'T THIS GUY IN JAIL!!
Ronald Glenn posts on 11/21/2010 12:57:45 PM I wanted to know if we as listeners could somehow send a collective Christmas card to the Scott sisters.I;m very much behind them and I'm sure I;m not alone.I didn't see another way to contact you (I'm very computer stupid)I trully hope this gets through!!Michael,George there's got to be something we can do.
cheryl porter posts on 6/23/2009 10:25:11 PM Michael, I want to help you and Uncle George out. Monkey Bread: Monkey Bread is simply yeast rolls. See and you thought you and the "men" knew everything. Smiling. Peace. posts on 6/8/2008 10:35:08 AM E.H. Enterprise, Distributors- Green Seal Certified Non-Toxic cleaning products. Please call Ed Hayes @ (718)313-8835. Thanks.
ken posts on 5/30/2008 10:40:04 AM Arrested outside a Resteraunt & bar,car taken by N.Y.P.D.and charged with operating car under influence of alcohol or drug.The people keep bouncing my case arround from Judge to Judge since 14 of july 2007. All-the-while promising to deliver a recording "discovery" for which my lawyer gave the D.A office a blank cassette.All this time my lawyer kept filing motions on various grounds,one of the grounds is, because the D.A office failed to present discovery which they claimed they had.Finally,on the 5th May 2008,D.A office (Brooklyn NY) said the tape does not exist and that the recording machine was defective.This is "fraga-nackle!"This tape may help to vindicate me and they know it,hence."it does not exist"It may prove this arrest should have never happened.The case goes to jury trial july 2nd '08 at a disadvantage to my defence and i publicly protest.Family,give me your take on this matter.I would not say more without advise from my lawyer because the case is not over yet.Thank you.
ms. wilson posts on 10/4/2007 7:10:40 PM 9/26 a tow truck and a police officer came to my street towed my car(expired tags)I'm a senior,have health problems can no longer drive my son handles this for me.we had gotten temp paper so we could drive it to Dmv for inspection,in fact the day it was towed was the day he was taking it because dmv is open late. Officer continued to tell me it is unlawful to have a tagless car parked on the street.My neighbors car was and still is parked on the street but I guess that law only pretains to is 10-4 my neighbors car is still parked with no tag,I have towing,storage etc. to pay. respond

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