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Chris Snyder posts on 2/11/2005 10:28:56 AM I would like to present a good reason for the state of fear people are in these days. It is explain extremely well in the Daniel Quinn's book "The Story of B". I'll try to summarize. There is a direct relationship between the rise in the "state of fear" and the rise in world human population. With the development of agriculture, using the land to the fullest, human population has grown at quite an alarming rate. This growth has occurred without the natural checks and balances that nature applies to every other creature. Quinn uses an analogy that seems appropriate. He compares the stresses we put on the environment with a pot of water rising in temperature, approaching the boiling point. In the 1960s we finally realized the water was boiling and we wanted to blame something in hopes that some how the temperature will subside. Quinn gives some great examples of this in his book. Quinn also points out that this population growth is not evil or subversive, it just is. WE need to realize the impacts of this population growth so we can move on, away from this state of fear that we are in.
Terri Carlson posts on 1/25/2005 8:05:26 AM Is there a mailing address i can use to forward a letter to Michael Crichton? I recently discovered a letter my son wrote to Mr. Crichton about 12 years ago, and it had been returned to him. I would love to be able to forward it! Thank you for the information!
Doon posts a bold assertion on 1/5/2005 5:48:42 AM Michael Crichton is to SciFi literature what USA Today is to journalism.

Joseph posts on 1/5/2005 4:28:01 AM Okay, What happened? I frequent this BBS once or twice a year, but really only after I get seriously involved a tad after Christmas, every two years (thanks to M.C.'s predictable publishers, who are obviously not working for Mr. he has numerous titles coming out the woodworks, God knows when) Anyway, this is my first time back here in a while. This is terrible. Absolutely horrific. I don't know, its like..trying to compare Jules Verne to Star Trek. Crichton has had some screw ups (please read my last post two years ago about Prey..if you can find it on this monstrosity), but he's up there with King, Clancy (possibly Baldacci and Patterson) as the great novelists of our times. Keep in mind what people thought of Dickens and company when they were getting paid pence for the word (which is why most of Charles novels are soooo long). Star Wars is a great trilogy, it will alway have a place in my heart. But I don't like seeing Darth Vader's face hanging on a banner dedicated to my favorite contemporary author. How about Elijah Wood's?..I can live with that. But this is sci-fi, not fantasy..even though I'd prefer it to be about literature. And I guess that's my point. M.C. does not deserve to be brought down to the level of Luke and Kirk (no offense diehards, really). I feel in a hundred years he will be remembered for his literature, not his sci-fi (i.e. Jules V.) I think this website has become a tarnish on a great reputation.. And I can only say that because that man has redeemed himself..above and beyond. As a diehard fan whose read all his books repeatedly, this is by far, BY FAR, something all of us Crichton heads have been waiting for. And if you think Im being biased, go look up (if you can it on this dreadful site, it took me five minutes to find a way to post a new message) my review of Prey. It was his worst. Im prepared to defend "State of Fear" as either his second best, or a tie for best. All MicCri fans know that "Sphere" was the best, but there he tackled an obstacle with metaphysics.. In "S.O.F", he tackled a whole new (much needed to be addressed) beast of socio-politics, (with a good helpin' of media) If anyones interested (on either the new website format, or State of Fear) I'll be happy to discuss, debate, argue, agree Hope to hear from someone -Joseph
Joseph Nawlo posts on 1/3/2005 12:05:54 PM Mr. Circhton I'm wondering why you didn't continue making more Jurassic Park novels. You hadn't done JP 3 and soon there would be a fourth movie. Email me at my Email address.
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