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Larry trippodo posts on 11/3/2006 9:37:53 PM I finished your book, Makes Me Wanna Holler, a few days ago. I have been mulling over your thoughts and I have to say that I don't understand your life and you have no idea about mine. I'm a retired teacher and hope I made some positive difference in this world. That's what it's all about. Let God judge us. I have to get back to my daughter's birthday party before I get into trouble with the wife. Larry
Dana posts on 11/2/2006 10:42:36 PM Mr. McCall i jsut finished your book today and i must say that i was thrilled to have the pleasure. I have never thought of the things that black men let alone a black peron went through and is still going through. I was so happy to go through the transformation of your life with you through this book. I know many young men who have that same macho man attitude and is truely disturbs me to see it happening. I have a better understanding of what they may be feeling after reading your book. Although i don't know you i am very proud of you and I know that if you could do it any balck man or person period is able if willing.
sarah posts on 10/28/2006 2:13:33 PM I have the honor of doing a presentation for my african american literature class over you and your work. I was just wondering if you would answer a few questions I was left wondering. If you were to write another book what would it be about? Also I have watched a lot of movies about people in jail and getting out and changing their lives around. Which movie would you say is similar to your story and why? Let me know if their is anything you would like for me to present to my class that can not be found in a biography about you.

Kimberly James posts on 10/27/2006 4:16:55 PM I read your book long ago when it first came out. It is still today one of my favorites. I live in Atlanta and I would like to know where I can come to get you to autograph my book? Will you be doing any book signings anywhere? I have both of your books!
posts on 10/12/2006 1:23:09 AM There is a guy named Matthew Bolden in our neighborhood who claims that he is in your book. I have read the book and have almost finished it, but I do not see his name. is his name under a nickname, or is he not in the book at all?
posts on 10/11/2006 9:18:52 AM Dear Mr, McCall, I'm 16 years old and I have read Makes Me Wanna Holler many times because it is very interesting and makes me think a lot. I would like it if you could come to my school, Wyoming High School. It is in Wyoming, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. I think the atmosphere in our school shows that you're right. If white people aren't brought up to believe that they are superior, then they won't. I'm Jewish and I have mostly white friends, but also black and Hispanic friends.
posts on 10/9/2006 7:04:33 PM Dear Mr. McCall: I am on the fourth reading of your book. I am a social work professor for WVU. My students and I will discuss your book soon and they would like to know how you are and what is new in your life that you would wish to share. I have a diverse class, but many of the students are from the rural area. They know little about our cities and have found your book to be a "eye-opener." One young African American woman wrote to me to say that she had never understood the rage of the young black males that she worked with. She said that she feels differently now that she has read your book and will treat the teens that she works with in a different manner. One book--can mean so much to so many--all these many years later. Thank you for that. We would love to hear from you. I am a middle-aged white woman who has lived a life of service to many diverse groups, with lots of different problems. One of my greatest pleasures is to escape into another's life through the written word. Your book is utterly amazing. It has been a joy for me to share it with many others. One of your greatest fans, Eileen Stanzione
posts on 9/27/2006 3:29:04 PM mr.MCcall i've read your book and has really inspired me to change my life. It let me know that i do have a chance to make it in a white mans world despite my past.It would mean alot to me to meet you & talk to you. I know it's a long shot but a long shot is better then no shot. so i hope to hear from you soon.
posts on 9/20/2006 5:21:10 PM Dear Mr. Nathan McCall, I've recently read your book Makes Me Wanna Holler and i must say that i'm glad that I took the time out to do so. I was walking through a book store when your book caught my eye (seeing as to how I am a young black man growing up in America.)I bought it only looking for a good read, but in the process I discovered a new hero. Your book spoke to me as loudly as did Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, and Callus On My Soul by Dick Gregory. I'm only 16 years old, and a junior in high school, but i really do hope to meet you one day (or at least hear you speak publicly.) I must tell you thank you for supplying a role model for us black males growing up in such a hostile society. Oh, and thanx for the book also. There were times when I was reading that I had to remind myself that it was a non-fiction book! lol. Sincerely, DJ I Really hope you get to read this!
posts on 9/12/2006 1:21:13 PM mr. mccall. im lonnie wells. like yourself i got into some trouble at a young age. they made me read your book and it made me change my whole life. knowing what you went through and how you still became successful. i wish the same thing can happen for my brother who is in jail now. i want to send him your book but i can't. if its possible you can email me back and see if you can send him a copy of your book because i think it will change his life. thanks
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