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posts on 4/18/2006 9:37:06 AM Has anyone approached a film studio about making a movie out of "Angels in Iron"?
Dennis Jankowski posts on 3/8/2006 12:48:38 PM The previous message read my mind. The Vienna siege would be a great book. Nicholas C. Prata could really do great things with that event.
N C Prata posts on 10/5/2005 1:23:18 PM The author is currently researching the Battle of Lepanto with the expectation of a 2006 release.

Anonymous posts on 8/23/2005 2:14:48 PM Nick Prata ought to consider writing a novel about the first seige of Vienna (1529). Suleiman's much larger forces were defeated as a result of the resolve of the 70 year-old Nicholas, Graf von Salm, and his Landsknechte. The parallels with Malta are obvious and thee is lots of interesting material (e.g. much of the battle was a desperate underground fight among opposing miners). Evidently Suleiman's sword was only invincible when wielded against commanders who were under 70 ;-)

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