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Elizabeth posts on 8/10/2005 8:29:22 PM My mother-in-law had the following LONG questions and observations. Perhaps someone has an answer for her: I am still interested in sharing with the members of our Book Club any information you could give me about the Quaker customs the author, Philip Gulley, included in writing his book "Home to Harmony". I have returned to B...,Nebraska, and am looking forward to our book club meeting this Friday. Very probably I am the only one of the thirty of us who has been a participating member of the Quaker faith. I did so for over ten years in Texas and in Nebraska. Traveling, I found various patterns of Quaker worship. I would like to know if the author tried to remain true to just one type of Quaker practice or in "Home to Harmony" did he give us an homogenized version? If he portrayed just one aspect, would you send me, please,a statement of the main aspects of that version. I do miss participating in hours of silent worship. Sometimes Presbyterianism, the faith I have followed most of my 87 years of life, seems noisy. It really was noisy under one temporary minister. Now it is more thoughtful. Sometimes I long for the worship I feel in Catholic requiem singing or chanting. Music has always been important in my life, and I do enjoying singing. I never visited any Quaker worship that involved singing even at yearly regional meetings. Is there ever music?

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