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Leslie posts on 8/19/2010 4:20:12 PM Phyllis Whitney was a great writer. If you also enjoy Victoria Holt and Phyllis you will love Susanna Kearsley, Canadian writer. Try The Winter Sea, it is named Sophia's Secret if you are in Britain. Also try Mariana, The Shadowy Horses, all of her 8 books EXCELLENT. She is also known as Emma Cole for her new series of Thrillers, first one is Every Secret Thing. You won't be disappointed 10 out of 10 I promise you. Happy Reading
Lilarose posts on 2/16/2010 2:57:01 AM Well, I think Phyllis Whitney was writing long before most of her contemporaries. She lived an incredibly long, interesting, exciting, and happy life for which I am grateful. She wrote to the end and I read and enjoyed every one of her books over the years. Any book she wrote is worth reading, plus she was an educator of writing for many students.
Sandra Calhoune posts on 6/29/2005 6:43:08 PM There are a lot of great books by Phyllis Whitney. I have loved her books for years. My favorite is the Golden Unicorn. Other great ones are The Turquoise Mask, Listen for the Whisperer, Domino, Poinciana, Silver Hill.

Ashley posts on 5/21/2005 12:29:37 PM I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a book by Phyllis Whitney. I have heard that she writes like Victoria Holt.

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