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Opendestiny posts on 2/3/2005 2:19:31 AM Does anyone have quotes, possibly page numbers to back it up? Also, looking at mostly anything that happens during Homeland, Exile and Sojourn. Thanks!
dotcommie posts supporting argument on 2/2/2005 3:28:44 AM I do believe they sleep. I seem to remember from one or more of the earliest books that he sleeps with the Panther.
Flow posts a solution on 2/1/2005 3:35:42 AM Well, thats an interestin' question... In Starless Night RAS mentions that Drizzt was dreaming with his friends and Catti. In Daughter of the Drow Elaine sais that the dark elves never dream, they barely sleep, in fact, but at the end of Tagled Webs she sais that Liriel learned to make your own desitions. Cheers!

Opendestiny posts on 1/31/2005 8:08:31 PM I need some info on the Drow, and (As a university student/athlete) I don't have time to read all the books again, nor do I have access to them at the moment, as they are at home, and I am at school... Does anyone know offhand if Drizzt, or any other drow sleep? I remember reading that most drow no longer reverie, and instead sleep, but a friend of my completely disagrees. Could someone clear this up for me? Thanks!
Owain (pronounce like Owen) posts on 1/20/2005 1:23:46 AM I ahve read all the drizzt books up to date (i think), i am also a bit of a writer and want to know some of your stratagies. I was also wondering if and when you are planning for the release date of your next drizzt novel. THank you
Meriadoc Brandybuck posts on 1/18/2005 2:45:11 PM Jim, Sojourn is part of the Dark Elf Trilogy which has been out since the the early 90s'. The books just have new (and might I add...awesome) cover art, so they look like they're new. The other two books in the series are Homeland (#1) and Exile (#2), Sojourn is of course #3 in the series. After you check those out, you outta look at The Icewind Dale Trilogy and The Hunter's Blade Trilogy...all written by R.A. Salvatore. Happy reading!
Jim posts on 1/8/2005 2:26:34 AM This book(Sojourn) came out fairly recently and it looks cool. I believe it is the third book in a trilogy? What are the first two books? If somebody could point me in the right direction I'd apreciate it very much.
Da'bros posts on 1/6/2005 12:25:57 AM Whats the word on any future books about Artemis and Jarlaxle's advantures?? realy curious about that. They were among my favorite charecters and id realy like to read more about them WE would like to read more about them so plz let us know =)
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