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JMC posts on 1/21/2008 10:43:42 PM In the Story Something Wicked This Way Comes, two young boys here about an odd traveling carnival from a lightning rod salesman. They check it out and are amazed by the set- up of the Carnival. They think its normal until the haunting melodies of the carousel-which can change your age depending on which way you ride it-and the glaring Mirror Maze. This is about to danger their family if people fall for it, so the two boys try to save their family,friends, and town from this huge disaster!! Ray Bradbury made this story very interesting by making the setting feel so realistic. Bradbury is a really good author.
Tracy Parent posts on 3/19/2005 5:57:17 PM can anyone help me find this video??? I have been looking for it for quite a while!! any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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