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Benhilda Chanetsa posts on 1/1/2012 Benhilda Chanetsa has just written a review of Fall from Grace which you can see here
Del posts on 12/27/2005 9:06:43 PM I bought this book and was appalled that a best selling author would write that the average mass of semen is between three and five milligrams, the average volume of semen is three to five milliters which weighs three to five grams depending on the specific gravity (i.e. density) of the liquid. While this glaring error could be attributed to incompetent editors/reviewers, the second error isn't so faciley explainable. The volume of semen of an average male is half a teaspoon, or in other words 3 grams (not milligrams) is about one tenth of an ounce. It is absolutely absurd for anyone to posit that an eighty pound girl is going to drown by ingesting an eyedropper of fluid. In short, the author is a jackass. This is the most incompetent fiction I've read since a book called "The Job" which similarly posited that the protagonist was smuggling millions of dollars in a laptop computer case stuffed with $1000 bills; bill that were withdrawn from circulation decades ago.
R K Baker posts on 12/9/2005 11:19:01 PM I just finished reading Conviction and enjoyed it. I have always been for the death penalty but your book and some of the points raised has changed my mind. I am glad that you also weave in points that make the reader think. So many times people just follow the mainstream and not think about what is happening. I have read all your other book and look forward for your next adventure.

D. Salsbury posts on 10/2/2005 5:11:13 PM Having read at least 6 of R.N.Patterson's novels and found them riveting, I was looking forward to reading another with Kerry Kilcannon, Balance of Power. I finally had to put the book down, after forcing myself to continue on with it little by little for 2 weeks. I finally quit about a third of the way through, so I have no idea how it ended. The left-wing, anti-gun sentiment was in every paragraph. It was revolting! Please Mr. Patterson, just entertain us, don't use your novels for a political agenda. This was as bad as reading a textbook.
Lisa Ashton posts on 4/18/2005 9:36:15 PM Conviction is riviting, uncomprehensible and most likely a blend of true events, if not a real story. I listened to the unabridged version over 2 weeks. I woke up many nights thinking about Rinell Price and the tragedy of events that ended his life and the very frightening reality that this is a continuous circle of events occuring today. My heart is sick that due process over rode the possibility of an innocent being put to death, because of a lack of attention to detail by those who should have been defending him, How and why can this happen in this day and age?? This story has frightened me enough to do due dilligence to make sure my doors and windows are locked at all times.

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