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notagain posts on 12/8/2005 9:20:00 PM deathwatch wasnt very good. it might have been a good book if our teacher hadnt stopped every 2 sentences to ask why this happened. the image is sort of ruined for me
help me pls posts on 9/11/2005 11:58:40 PM ok, i have to write a 2-4 page report on this book, and cant find anything on it... can anyone help?
IFlunkedEnglish posts on 9/9/2005 3:42:10 PM This is stupid books should be exciting instead of exciting and then boring from then on.

Still looking posts on 6/13/2005 11:44:06 PM does neone now ne thing about Robb White..i have to do a biography on him and i cant find nething
Slightly Appalled posts on 6/3/2005 10:04:59 AM Robb White is a very talented author and should be appreciated for his well-written work. I think that some people need to keep their mouth shut if they're only able to talk immaturely.
anus poo posts on 5/2/2005 3:57:35 PM ill kill you but first rape you muhahahah
Gary posts on 5/2/2005 3:15:41 PM The author of Deathwatch also wrote "Our Virgin Island" and 21 other books. Mostly young adult fiction. He also wrote the screenplays for 6 horror genre films. Two have recently been remade: "13 Ghosts" and "House on Haunted Hill". Deathwatch was made into a 1974 TV movie titled "Savages" and starring Sam Bottoms and Andy Griffith. It can be found on VHS, but I don't know about DVD.
jill posts on 4/24/2005 11:18:31 AM Is this the same Robb White that wrote "My Virgin Island" published in 1953?
helen posts on 4/7/2005 6:21:48 PM can you help me find an example of a slang saying in this book/ and a jargon saying in this book, please can you give me the page # this would be really appreciated
bob posts on 4/5/2005 11:46:00 AM you s*ck you moron write a book thats useful
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