Ronald McNair Scott Message Board posts a bold assertion on 2/18/2005 2:35:07 PM I have to respond to this insincere post. If you are genuinely looking for information on the acclaimed "Robert The Bruce" 17th Earl of Carrick, Earl of Annandale, and restorer of the Scottish Kingdom, then I would be happy to answer whatever questions I can. But I think Ronald McNair Scott's extensive bibliography speaks for itself, with plenty of primary and secondary sources. TO ANSWER YOU QUESTION: "How come nobody has heard of this Chum?" The REASON is that SCOTTISH HISTORY has been Systematically Supressed and Censored in Public Education. posts on 2/17/2005 12:46:50 PM Great Book! We need more. A good follow up would be MARY: Queen of the Scots. It's time the truth was TOLD. Her "Caskett Letters" to Good Queen Bess, who was tricked into ordering Mary's execution. Very much like Joan of Arc, her death was ushered through so quickly and secretively that there was nothing anyone could do...not even the Pope! Corrupt men in a corrupt age...and the women who were man-impulated. We do need a Few Good Men! Who are the Wallace's and Bruce's of our age???
yekanniwhakram posts on 2/15/2005 10:23:47 AM Ok Guys (and Gals) I canNOT find one decent SCHOLARLY book review on McNair's "The Bruce" (1992, '97 reprint). I'm not looking for anything fancy, but this is ridiculous (stop crying, its not your fault). Ok ok, We HAVE to do something about this. SCOTTISH HISTORY IS GETTING THE SHAFT!!! (I know I know, what's new! right?) Can ANYONE OUT THERE Pleeeeezzzzz refer to me any reliable online, free access to Scottish references...(I'm probably looking in the wrong places). THANKS A MILLION

Derek posts on 1/13/2005 11:13:41 AM what a screwed up name rober THE bruce and what did this guy eat huh there is no information on this chum HUH how come no one knows about him¿¿¿

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