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Sue posts on 8/12/2011 12:43:21 AM I have the Kindle version of Some of the Time - the final one in the Marianne and Edward stories. My version only has 3 pages in the last chapter, and ends with Marianne being told that Edward has fallen in battle and is assumed dead. PLEASE tell me this isn't the end!! Amazon insists that the publisher says that's all there is. Tell me it isn't true and that there's a real end to the story!
Sam White posts on 7/25/2009 9:40:48 AM Thanks for the catches! I'll get into the manuscripts and correct those (for future readers, sorry your editions will still be flawed). And, now that I have you on-line, how did you find my novels? After years in obscurity and only selling to relatives, in the last few months quite a few people have been buying them. It's gratifying, but also an intriguing mystery (to me, anyway) as I haven't done anything different marketing-wise.
Melinda Robino posts on 7/25/2009 4:37:33 AM Well, I've been enjoying the Garison Fitch time travel series this summer on my Kindle. The stories are fun and involve just enough physics to keep me interested. My one critique is grammar. I can tell the books have been spell-checked, but words like bare, are spelled as bear, or other such homophones is really annoying. It looks amateurish when you mess up terms like tensile strength, with tinsel strength. I don't know if these stories are a translation, so that could be the problem. Not to be too critical, but just for helpful feedback.

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