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MORIAH posts on 12/30/2006 4:02:39 PM i love you and miss your oldschool dancing babe. why did you have to go so soon why march 31 1995. you could of live long to sang your english songs and you could of have 5 kids like you want but unfortchenently know someone had to take that all from you. i wish deep in my heart you'd come back to life soon. i know you did'nt want to hurt anybody by leaving for good. chris is a reck without you and your mom and dad think of you everyday. may god set you free from heaven. you were one of a kind. you did'nt swear or drink you just did'nt like that. when your gone its not the same anymore with out you. if you lived longer to spread your grace on us. if you came to vist me at my school it would of been nice of you sweatheart. can't nobody do you or be you. sincerly moriah ariana nathalia jones lansing michigan mexican, black, indian proud of it always selena my godmother bye.
Samantha posts on 5/18/2005 4:54:12 PM Selena is an angel from up above. she really touched out to peoples hearts when she sang. That female dog Yolanda Salvidar ugh. why did she have to take her life away. I hope she goes to h e double hockey sticks! Love Always Samy

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