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maureen posts on 8/15/2005 8:57:18 AM hi laura and misty - about sebastion's "affair" - didn't i read somewhere that the woman died and the child that was the result of that affair was then presented to his wife which she accepted wholeheartedly? this might be a real stretch, but is it possible that this was purposely done because she could not have any other children? it just seemed like there was a hint that there was more to the story than what we have gotten so far? call me crazy!
Belle Schemmel posts on 8/11/2005 2:44:19 AM I think I have all of Stephanie Laurens' audiobooks, but since I haven't been able to find out how many there are, I'm not sure. Does anyone know how I can find out which books have been made into audiobooks? Thanks, Belle
kathy posts on 7/2/2005 8:58:15 AM Hi all, I have just finished reading 6 Stephanie Laurens books & I absolutely loved them...can't seem to put them down!!! looking forward to reading many more...

laura posts on 6/14/2005 11:43:59 AM Misty, I agree, I hope she writes a "prequel" to tell Sebastian's story. It's made to seem that he was more a comfort to her while she was trapped in a difficult arranged marriage but surely there's more to it! someone asked about the Bastion series; I love them too & can't wait for Dalziel's book!
Misty posts on 6/2/2005 6:05:53 AM After reading all the Bar Cynster books I am left wondering about Sebastian his affair? I found it hard to belive that he cheated since they all seem like stand up men? Please answer I would like to know the thought behind that
imelda posts on 4/3/2005 5:59:45 PM Is there a book prior to Angel? Is there a book before Glorious Angel? What were they? I think I remember reading about the Countess's trouble before she landed in Texas (Angel)
Natalie posts on 3/20/2005 1:49:29 AM I'm so excited with the new Cynster Novel! Gerrard Debbington, Patience's brother, has been one of the books I've been waiting for a very long time. What I've read so far has been amazing!
Serina posts on 2/7/2005 8:19:37 PM Does anyone know if there is a book or short story about Comte de Vichesse? He seems so dark and interesting.
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