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tweety posts on 2/7/2008 6:25:38 PM I just read the smoke and mirror and ashes series. I wanted to know if there will be more books with Tony and Henry? Also, would love to see more with Vicki. Thank you
Anonymous posts on 6/22/2007 8:34:05 PM Dear Ms. Huff so sorry for calling you a boy and for getting your name wrong. Your sincerley, Anonymous.
Anonymous posts on 6/22/2007 8:03:35 PM I know this book this is what its about...Tony Foster is a PA (production assistant) for CB productions in Vancouver where they're filming a semi-popular show called “Darkest Night”. Everything's fine until an actress dies and the crews' shadows start roaming the set. After another co-worker almost gets killed Tony confronts the only other person who seems to notice the shadows, the special effects director. Tony finds out Arra (the special effects director) is a wizard who fled her world to escape a conquering evil wizard, the Shadowlord. Tony enlists the help of Henry Fitzroy, bastard son of Henry the VIII, who as well as being a moderately successful historical romance writer is a vampire. Along with Arra, Tony and Henry commence hunting down the shadows that have come scouting through into the city. When the Shadowlord comes through Tony, Arra, and Henry must confront him on the set of “Darkest Night” and fight the shadow controlled crew. Mark Antonow, Resident Scholar. Don't you love this book!

Anonymous posts on 6/22/2007 2:36:07 PM Mr. Huft I am pleased to announce that my nose itches!
posts on 5/1/2006 10:22:05 PM To Ms. Tanya Huff, Hiya. I'm a huge fan and have been since the first page of "Blood Price". But I've got a couple of probably idiotic questions that I hope you'll deign to answer. First of all, Werst. What exactly do the Krai look like? I haven't seen any artwork that look like the way I picture Werst (who is, by the way, one of my favourite characters in Better Part of Valour). They're probably pretty well described in "Valours Choice", but I haven't been able to locate a copy yet. Second, who exactly did you have in mind when you described Torrin Kerr? Or Claire Hansen? Or Vicki Nelson? I have some ideas of who I'd like to see play them if (God willing) they are made into movies (I think Helen Hunt would rock as Vicki Nelson), but what is your dream cast? Just silly fanboy questions, but if you don't mind taking a moment, I'd like to know. By the way, I really hope you do more Kerr novels - they're some of the best military sci-fi I've read. Sincerely, Jay (aka Glowbug)
posts on 4/17/2006 11:43:37 PM Ms Huff Please let us know if you intend to write anymore in the Keeper Series? We really hope that this will occur. Thanks.

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