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Marty Heaton posts on 3/13/2008 8:51:40 AM Tom, It's been nearly twenty years. It is time for another contact. Peace, Marty and Dennis
Kathleen Reece posts on 8/3/2005 8:25:50 AM Good morning, Tommy! Hope you are well and happy today. It was a pleasure to see you and talk with you after so many years. It is wonderful to know that you have made such a success of your life. I am so very proud of you and your accomplishments. Forgive me,if I offended you with the comment that I made of "and what did Dietz write?" "No, I'm just kidding." I knew your web-site and the books that you have written. The problem with it, was that I just didn't realize until this past weekend, that Tom Deitz was YOU..., Tommy. We must get Disney/Pixar to make some films for you now. It would be wonderful to see some of your books animated. I'd love it. Well, when you talk to Van and/or Barry, tell them that I send them warm Godly wishes and love from Kathy Reece; as I also send them to you, Tommy. Be well, and keep writing. I remain, Very truly yours, Kathy Reece YHC, '71

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