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Katie Beyer posts on 11/7/2012 8:18:06 PM From the book 'Home' Why does Frank decide to give a proper burial to the man killed for sport- and whose undignified burial Frank and Cee witnessed as children- at the end of the novel?
Jolita W. posts on 1/1/2012 Jolita W. has just written a review of Home which you can see here
Victoria Lurie posts on 1/1/2012 Victoria Lurie has just written a review of Recitatif which you can see here

John posts on 10/3/2010 5:01:35 AM Have an assignment "Ethnic in Jazz by Tony Morrison" Thanks
Neda posts on 1/21/2009 12:02:20 AM I am searching for a good thesis topic for my Ph.D.regarding Morrison's novels in comparison with Margaret Atwood. Can any scholar help me with a unique novel idea in that regard?
stefi posts on 6/23/2008 1:04:57 PM I am currently reading song of solomon by toni morrison, i have a paper due on the theme of poverty and racism and how it is portrayed, if anyone has any suggestions or examples Igladly aprecciate it
Mauri posts on 11/17/2006 4:14:58 PM I think that your advise stinks. You should not be allowed to give out advise! You fell strong sense of guilt right now!
Jeff posts on 11/17/2006 1:20:29 PM Looking for a 2500 word essay on Jazz. Appreciate your adviise.
Neria posts on 8/31/2005 6:27:55 PM I am currently reading Love for my Ap English 4 class, and i was wondering if anyone has any notes that they can share with me. I would appreciate it.
Brittany posts on 5/4/2005 10:25:26 AM i am reading the bluest eye by toni morrison for my english 1 class. i have a big project do in three other classes and i don't have a lot of time to read this book so i need information on what it is about i have read the first three chapters and i think the book is really good and all but it's really long and i have a lot of things i have to if anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it thank you.
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