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Anonymous posts on 7/30/2009 7:22:11 PM So i read Heir Apparent...does the book really end with her sitting up and waiting for her father?! I felt that maybe the book was missing the last few pages or something. I have had this happen to me before, so i was curious. Is that the ending?
May posts on 12/11/2006 7:27:42 PM The evil queen isn't really evil, she's just snobby, and her name is Andreanna. The stupid, but brawny, son is called Abas, and that other guy was called Nigel :). Heir Apparent was an excellent book, and I really hope that she makes a sequel!
Tony Long posts on 12/11/2006 7:22:43 PM Hi i am in 6th grade. I did a report on you and i wrote you a letter. I was wondering if you got it? I read one of your books "Dragon's Bait". I really liked it. I'm wanting to meet you in person. I'm at I.W. Evans in Bonham TX. I was wondering if you will come to my school. My teacher is Msr.Caplinger, i'm in her fith and sixth period classes. Well i was wondering if you got my letter. Please send a letter back. Love Tony Long.

posts on 8/28/2006 4:44:41 PM What's the name of the evil queen, the buff prince (whose name begins with A) and that guy who looks like Kenric who made the game? Help!
posts on 8/20/2006 5:40:32 PM Heir Apparent is definitely the best book I've ever read. Anyone into fantasy and adventure should definitely read this. In fact everyone should read this. Kenric and Nigel rock!
posts on 8/3/2006 5:40:28 PM I loved Heir Apparant, it was the greatest book I have read by Vivian Vande Velde!...(I only read two, lol) I would love to read any other book with Giannine as the main character. Is there a sequal to Heir Apparant? If there is I want to read it. I would want to read the whole series. Everyone should read this book. Heir Apparant is awesome!
Anonymous posts on 2/7/2006 1:30:31 PM I loved the book so much so you really have to read it now!
anna posts on 12/27/2005 6:08:34 PM I really liked "Heir Apparent." It gave a sense of frustration that was rather amzing since when I read most things I feel rather impartial to it all. Actually, about all of her books are like this and I'd rather love to make "Heir Apparent" into a film as soon as I find a way to contact Velde to recieve permission. Can anyone help me, please? Thank you.
Lisa H posts on 11/17/2005 9:11:44 PM Dragon's Bait is one of the best books I have ever read. I couldn't put it down. I sure wish there was a sequel to it.It's the only book of Vivian's i've ever read. I hope I get around to reading more.
Gryphoness posts on 8/28/2005 5:48:38 AM bought it today and read it in under three hours, love this one! though, i do wish it had just a tiny bit more at the end to see where they ended up. Its old though, first published 1992, so it looks like a sequel is out of the question (though i wish there was one!) also, the answer she gave to a sequel on her website sorta shoots the idea down
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