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The Other Side of the Story! posts on 11/9/2005 11:26:49 AM As most people do, they read this book and they feel badly for the person telling their "story". I can only speak of one of these stories with some knowledge of what happened. Being a family member of the man that Ms. Barbara Parsons Lane Killed, I think it is only right if people heard the other side of the story. While spending time with them as a married couple. I never encountered any form of verbal, or domestic violence. Could it have happened yes, but the odds, slim. In her story she claims that Marcus raped her. It seems odd to me that he would, given the fact that he was going to leave her for a woman his own age. He wanted to have children and she told him no. He was going to Leave! He didn't threaten her! He didn't tell her if she leaves he is going to kill her, it turned out the exact opposite, he was going to leave her and she killed him. My problem with this book is that no one ever asked the family members of the victims what their side of the story is. People you are taking a convicted killers word as gospel. You feel badly for her, what about Marcus's family. I am sure there is not one day that goes by that his family does not wish he was there. So yes poor Barbara, she has gotten all this attention for what, killing a man that was going to leave her!
Susan DeLeon posts on 10/20/2005 3:07:08 PM Would like to hold a fundraiser and educational forum next year in either October for domestic violence awareness month or during the month of April during victims week. Requesting availability and fee. We have given "Couldn't Keep it To Myself" to several of our women who have departed from our domestic violence shelter as it has given them much hope - please advise.
mg posts on 10/13/2005 2:51:38 PM this is one of the best books i have ever read....i would suggest to all who have not read it to do so

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