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Marilyn Rakieten posts on 2/25/2009 3:17:01 PM Dear Mr. Lashner: I recently read "Marked Man" and was amazed about your Sammy Glick references. My Grandmother, Lena Schulberg Lewis was B. P. Schulbergs aunt. She is mentioned in Budds book "Movie Pictures". As a Sculberg descendant, I heard the saga of B. P. discussed many times in my home. He was the "celebrity" in the family. Over the years our connection with the Schulberg family diminished, but your book certainly brought all back to me. Ironically, my sisters name is Teddy (Theodora)and my grandmother (Lena)have the same names as your characters. Do you have any knowledge of Budd? I live in Minneapolis and about 15 years ago I attended a book fair at which he spoke, but I have had no conection since that time. I enjoyed "Marked Man" very much and look forward to reading your other books... the name Sammy Glick certainly clicked with me. Sincerely Marilyn Rakieten

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