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When Kate (Sandra Bullock) lives in a beautiful lake house in 2006, she starts exchanging letters with its previous resident Alex (Keanu Reeves). Kate lives in the present, whereas Alex seems to be writing from two years earlier. Communicating only through the lake house's mailbox, the two fall in love. Kate then leaves clues as to where and when Alex can find her. When Alex's estranged father (Christopher Plummer) dies, Kate comforts Alex and gifts him a book that hasn't been printed yet in Alex's time. Alex re-examines his life, and realizes that he pursue the family career of being an architect. They finally agree to meet, but when Kate is stood up at the restaurant, she is utterly heartbroken. Alex assures her that something bad must have happened, Kate severs ties with him and stops writing. Months pass. Alex leaves letters for Kate which are unread. Kate lives her life, and later reconnects with her ex. When Kate goes for an architect's meeting to remodel their apartment, she meets Alex's brother who tells her that Alex passed away on Valentine's Day, and today was the 2nd year anniversary of his death. Kate rushes to the Lake House to leave a letter warning Alex of what will happen to him, when unbeknownst to Kate, Alex already has this all figured out. Kate tells him, that they must meet 2 years from Alex's present, which is Kate's present day 2008. They finally come face to face and share a long overdue kiss.
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Best part of story, including ending: The love transcends time aspect of the story was amusing.

Best scene in story: When Alex puts the pieces together as to why he never showed up for that arranged date at the restaurant.

Opinion about the main character: The hopefullness and hunger for human connection that every person deep down longs for.

The review of this Movie prepared by Tina Medina a Level 30 Banded Kingfisher scholar

Kate Forster is a depressed doctor in an unsatisfying relationship. She has just moved out of a lake house to live in the city, and leaves a letter in the mailbox for the next owner.

The letter is discovered by Alex Wyler, an architect whose father designed the lake house, living there two years in the past. Alex and Kate soon realize that they are exchanging letters back and forth to each other through the mysterious mail box, all the while living in separate times.

They fall in love through the letters, but the trick is, how can they be together when they can't even meet each other?
The review of this Movie prepared by Sarah Bastin

The Lake House follows Keanu Reeves an architect in 2004 and Sandra Bullock a Doctor in 2006 as they go about their lives and relax at the Lake House. However mysterious things start to happen, especially when Bullock's character writes a letter hoping the new occupant of the house will enjoy it as much as she did. Reeves is confused as he has only just bought the house that his father designed, so he replies to her letter. They soon discover that they are living two years apart and somehow through the Lake House's mailbox are communicating through time. This becomes an obstacle to overcome when the two fall in love with one another.

The only real flaw with this film is what I will call 'The Time Machine paradox.' The film alludes to H.G. Wells' 'The Time Machine', albeit with a more romantic approach and instead of a machine it is a mailbox. The Lake House makes the mistake of using an event to cause Bullock to go to the Lake House in the first place, which is then changed in the past. This would then mean that she would never have gone to the Lake House and so the ending would not have happened in the way it was portrayed.
The review of this Movie prepared by H Louise

Kate, a lonely young doctor, moves out of her beautiful house on a lake to Chicago. She leaves a letter in the mailbox for the new tenant, asking them to please forward any of her mail than might still get there to her new address. Alex, a talented architect who has just bought the Lake House, is rather confused by the letter. As far as he knows, no one has lived in the house for several years. Also, Kate mentions dog's paw prints at the front door: “Sorry about those, they were already there when I moved in” – but Alex sees no paw prints… He writes a reply to Kate saying that there must be some confusion; perhaps it is not the Lake House she is talking about?

Kate sees a young man hit by a car. Being a doctor, she runs to help and fights to save his life, but he dies. She is very shaken by that, and her supervisor at work tells her to take some time off. She goes back to the Lake House, and in the mailbox she finds Alex's reply to her letter.

Alex starts renovating the house. When he does some painting, a stray dog comes running in, steps into a tray with paint, and leaves paw prints at the front door. Alex takes a closer look at Kate's letter, and she at his. It turns out that she is in 2006, and he is in 2004. They are separated in time, and Alex actually lived in the Lake House before, not after, Kate.

Skeptical at first, they are forced to admit that what's going on is real. They keep writing letters to each other; the mailbox of the Lake House serves as a link between the two timelines. As they get to know each other better, Alex and Kate fall in love. But how can they meet? Of course, Kate can tell Alex where she was 2 years ago – and she does – but they both understand that the 2004 version of Kate will know nothing about Alex. Alex comes to Kate's birthday party, thrown for her by her then-boyfriend Morgan. They talk, and dance, and even have a kiss. Morgan walks in on them kissing, and that leads to his breakup with Kate. Now, in 2006, Kate remembers how she had kissed a stranger, and knows that it was Alex, but they are not any closer to meeting as two people who know and love each other.

Alex comes up with an idea – he suggests to meet “tomorrow,” in Kate's time, at a certain restaurant. He, of course, would have to wait 2 years for that meeting, but he is willing to do that. Kate comes and waits, but Alex never shows up. Kate writes to him asking to end their correspondence, telling him that something must have happened in these 2 years that made him lose interest in her, so there is no point to keep writing. Eventually, she learns what took place: Alex was that man she saw hit by a car and failed to save. When she realizes that, Kate rushes to the mailbox trying to warn Alex, begging him not to come to that place on that day. He receives the letter just in time.

The review of this Movie prepared by Laura Southcombe

    Sandra Bullock is an independent doctor. Bullock once taken an unusual lakeside home begins exchanging love letters with its most recent neighborhood. Bullock falls in love with her neighbor Keanu Reeves.

    Keanu Reeves a disturbed architect. When they find out that they're in fact living two years distant. They must try to unravel the mystery behind their strange romance before it's too late for them.

The review of this Movie prepared by Faiza Iqtidar

Kate is a new doctor overwhelmed with work and the fleetingness of life, while Alex is an architect whose love of buildings is complicated by the rocky relationship he shares with his father, a reknowned architect himself who actually built the lakehouse. Alex moves into the beautiful but rundown house on a lake, where he finds a letter in the mailbox from a "previous" tenant, Kate, who is in reality renting the apartment from Alex two years in the future (2006). After a couple of letter exchanges through the enchanted mailbox, both Kate and Alex accept that they are living two years apart and begin to correspond regularly. They soon develop a deep relationship through letters, pondering life and their careers. Alex is able to meet Kate a few times during his present and her past, falling even more deeply in love with her. Finally they set a date to meet in person. When Alex fails to show up, Kate decides that she is wasting her life focusing so much energy on their relationship and breaks it off, returning rather reluctantly to her ex-boyfriend. Both are heartbroken at being apart from each other. Finally, we learn why Alex failed to show up at his long-awaited date as well as the answer to whether or not Kate and Alex will ever be united as once more frantic letters are exchanged.
The review of this Movie prepared by Shanna

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Plot & Themes

Time/era of movie:    -   2000's+ (present) Romance/Love/Hugging    -   Yes Kind of romance:    -   email/letter/phone/fax relationship Lover is...    -   from another time

Main Character

Identity:    -   Male Age:    -   20's-30's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   White American


United States    -   Yes The US:    -   Midwest Water?    -   Yes City?    -   Yes City:    -   Chicago

Writing Style

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