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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Death Rounds Peter Clement 4000
Leeward D. Edward Bradley 2000
No Witnesses Ridley Pearson 2000
Contagion Robin Cook 2000
The Stand Stephen King 2000
Bloodstream Tess Gerritsen 2000
Gravity Tess Gerritsen 2000
The Cobra Event Richard Preston 2000
The Cat's Paw: Blue Death M.J. Hollingshead 2000
Voices of Babylon Ken Jasper 2000
Mount Dragon Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child 2000
The Third Pandemic Pierre Oullette 2000
The Last Nazi Stanley Pottinger 2000
Slatewiper Lewis Perdue 2000
Plague Gary Birken 2000
The Third Pandemic Pierre Ouellette 2000
Rising Phoenix Kyle Mills 2000
Prescribed Danger Gwen Hunter 2000
The Vial Dennis Burns 2000
Outbreak Robin Cook 2000
The Satan Bug Alistair MacLean 2000
The Doorstep of Depravity Noah Bond 2000
Mutant Peter Clement 2000
Unnatural Exposure Patricia Cornwell 1666.7
Vector Robin Cook 1600
Toxin Robin Cook 1428.6
The Hot Zone Richard Preston 1400
Mindbend Robin Cook 1200
Sahara Clive Cussler 1050
Midnight Plague Gregg Keizer 1000
Ninth Day of Creation Leonard Crane 800
Deadly Exposure Leonard Goldberg 800
Death Rounds Peter Clement 800
Deadly Harvest Leonard Goldberg 800
Acceptable Risk Robin Cook 666.7
Fear Nothing Dean Koontz 666.7

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