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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Pure Silk Susan Johnson 2000
Emma's Secret Barbara Taylor Bradford 2000
Sealed By Revenge Elly-Royce Laurens 2000
The Lady's Tutor Robin Schone 2000
The Lion in Glory Shannon Drake 2000
The Falcon and the Dove Bonnie Vanak 2000
Whirlwind Affair Jacquie D'Alessandro 2000
Kissing Cousins Tegan James 2000
Beneath a Silver Moon Deborah Schneider 2000
Tempting Hope Tarr 2000
Savage Love Cassie Edwards 2000
Strapless Leigh Riker 2000
Wishin' On A Star Eboni Snoe 2000
The Wolf and the Dove Kathleen E. Woodiwiss 2000
Purity's Passion Janette Seymour 2000
Dark Harvest Karen Harper 2000
Thunder In The Heart Amy J. Fetzer 1000
Skinny Bitch in Love Kim Barnouin 1000
A Twist In Time Candice Kohl 1000
Tourist Attractions Molly J. Ringle 1000
A Thousand Days in Venice Marlena de Blasi 800
When It's Perfect Adele Ashworth 800
Midnight Satin Laurie Grant 800
His Touch Mary Lynn Baxter 600
Hunter's Bride Jessica Wulf 300

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