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Miracles Judith McNaught 2000
Major Wyclyffe's Campaign Katherine Greyle 2000
Silver Lining Maggie Osborne 2000
Perfect Sin Kat Martin 2000
The Spring of the Tiger Victoria Holt 2000
A Woman of Passion Virginia Henley 2000
The Duchess Beatrice Small 2000
The Broken Circle Gloria Lane 2000
Storm of Desire Sjana 2000
Bad Boy Olivia Goldsmith 2000
The Stanislaski Brothers Nora Roberts 2000
Mine to Take Dara Joy 2000
It Was You And All The Secret Places Martina Menendez 2000
Bare Essentials Bonnie Jeanne Perry 2000
The Flame and the Flower Kathleen E. Woodiwiss 2000
The Invitation Jude Deveraux 2000
The Temptress Jude Deveraux 2000
The Velvet Promise Jude Deveraux 2000
Sweetbriar Jude Deveraux 2000
Lawless Games Emma Kaufmann 2000
Lured by Lust Tania Picarda 2000
This Other Eden Marilyn Harris 2000
Enchanted Elizabeth Lowell 2000
Seduction In Mind Susan Johnson 2000
Educating Caroline Patricia Cabot 2000
The Ruthless Charmer - Rogues of Regent Street 2 Julia London 2000
Call Down the Moon Katherine Kingsley 2000
The Wagered Widow Patricia Veryan 2000
His Unexpected Wife Maureen McKade 2000
Desert Bloom Ronda Thompson 2000
Loving Jessie Dallas Schulze 2000
Jake and Mimi Frank Baldwin 2000
The Seduction Nicole Jordan 2000
The Fire Inside Kat Martin 2000
Dark Magic Christine Feehan 2000
Claiming The Highlander Kinley MacGregor 2000
The Mating Game Melanie George 2000
His Scandal Gayle Callen 2000
Night Games Nina Bangs 2000
Treat Her Right Lori Foster 2000
The Seduction Julia Ross 2000
Mr. November Lori Foster 2000
The Rogue Claire Delacroix 2000
Servants of the Cane Lisette Ashton 2000
The Husband List Victoria Alexander 2000
Castles in the Mist Josie Litton 2000
Candy Janeen Robichaud 2000
Prisoner of My Desire Johanna Lindsey 2000
The Irresistible MacRae Karen Ranney 2000
Lionheart Connie Mason 2000

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