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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Harvard's Education Suzanne Brockmann 2000
The Amen Trail Sharon Sala 2000
Hope is Constant Cheryl Davis 2000
Highland Wishes Leanne Burroughs 2000
Triumph Heather Graham 2000
The Golden Raintree Suzanne Simmons 2000
The Colonel's Daughter Merline Lovelace 2000
Sweet Love, Survive Susan Johnson 2000
True Valor - Uncommon Heroes 2 Dee Henderson 2000
Eden Bobbi Smith 2000
Pearl Harbor 1941 Nancy Holder 2000
Moon Hunter Deanna Mascle 2000
Into The Wilderness: The Long Hunters Rosanne Bittner 2000
Fearless Love Stephanie Andrews 2000
Reckless Heart Dee Austin 2000
Princess of Byzantium Josephine Allen 2000
My Dearest Cecilia Diane Haeger 2000
The Captain's Woman Merline Lovelace 2000
Lone Eagle Danielle Steel 2000
Yesterday's Dreams Erika M. Feiner 2000
The Very Daring Duchess Miranda Jarrett 2000
Over The Edge Suzanne Brockmann 2000
Sentimental Journey Jill Barnett 2000
Banishment Dinah Lampitt 2000
The MacGowan Betrothal Lois Greiman 2000
My Warrior Glynnis Campbell 2000
Wild and Sweet Elizabeth Turner 2000
The Sheperd Kings Judith Tarr 2000
The Bronze Horseman Paullina Simons 1454.5
Waterloo Station Emily Grayson 1400
The Fiery Cross Diana Gabaldon 1300
Lady of Valor Tina St. John 1000
High Wind Rising Shirley Martin 1000
The Warrior Bride Lois Greiman 1000
Cherished Invader Samantha Gail 1000
Hunter's Bride Jessica Wulf 1000
For Love or Honor Bound Derek Hart 1000
The Border Bride Elizabeth English 1000
Knight of Fire Shannon Drake 800
The Very Comely Countess Miranda Jarrett 800
Midsummer Moon Laura Kinsale 800
Snare of Serpents Victoria Holt 800
The Queen's Confession Victoria Holt 800
Faithfully Yours Jo Ann Ferguson 800
Dawnflight Kim Headlee 800
Out of Darkness Mary D. Brooks 800
Lord of a Thousand Nights Madeline Hunter 600
Highland Velvet Jude Deveraux 400

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