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Fair Play Deirdre Martin 2000
Some Kind of Wonderful Maureen Child 2000
A Journey to Here Margaret Johnson-Hodge 2000
Playing for Keeps Karen Templeton 2000
A Prince of a Guy Sheila Rabe 2000
Opposites Attract Hailey North 2000
Thief of Words John Jaffe 2000
The Artful Miss Irvine Jennifer Malin 2000
Take a Chance on Me Susan Donovan 2000
A Bridge to Love Nancy Herkness 2000
Reinventing Olivia Nancy Robards Thompson 2000
Blessed Are the Cheesemakers Sarah-Kate Lynch 2000
Taming the Heiress Susan King 2000
Cabin Fever Marilyn Pappano 2000
Never Enough Joan Elizabeth Lloyd 2000
Silent Surrender Katherine O'Neal 2000
Falling Home Karen White 2000
Finding the Dream Nora Roberts 2000
Belle Melanie Jackson 2000
The First Star Lisa Madden 2000
Emerald Reflections Jim Howell and Barbara Carraway 2000
Near Perfect Sharon Mitchell 2000
The Ways of Grace Linda Francis Lee 2000
Her Highness, My Wife Victoria Alexander 2000
Slow Hands Lauren Bach 2000
Reconsidering Riley Lisa Plumley 2000
A Little Bit of Wonderful Anna M. Popescu 2000
Lighthouse Cove Kimberly Cates 2000
Fast Women Jennifer Crusie 2000
The Playboy Carly Phillips 2000
Falling Star Karen Wiesner 2000
Old Enough to Know Better Celia Cooper 2000
Into Temptation Kathryn Smith 2000
Ride the Wind Home Christina Kingston 2000
Emerald Reflections Jim Howell and Barbara Carraway 2000
Almost a Gentleman Pam Rosenthal 2000
The Bride Sale Candice Hern 2000
True North Beverly Brandt 2000
The Lily and the Sword Sara Bennett 2000
Suspicions of the Heart Rita Hestand 2000
Again and Again Susan Johnson 2000
From the Ashes Janet W. Butler 2000
Someone To Catch My Drift Jacqueline Powell 2000
Break Every Rule Francis Ray 2000
Too Wicked To Marry Susan Sizemore 2000
No Place For A Lady Deb Stover 2000
A Woman Betrayed Barbara Delinsky 2000
Cape Light: A New Leaf Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer 2000
Rescuing Rose Isabel Wolff 2000
Slightly Settled Wendy Markham 2000

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