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Burning Up Caroline B. Cooney 2000
A River of Seasons Ron Shepherd 2000
Vernon God Little D.B.C. Pierre 2000
Alias Grace Margaret Atwood 2000
Clockers Richard Price 2000
Judgement Ridge: Truth of the Dartmouth Murders Dick Lehr and Mitchell Zubkoff 2000
Stranger in the House Patricia MacDonald 2000
A Touch of Death Charles Williams (2) 2000
Miss Julia Takes Over Ann B. Ross 2000
The Salesman Joseph O'Connor 2000
Letters From The Inside John Marsden 2000
The Trial of Elizabeth Cree Peter Ackroyd 2000
Sweet Or Sour Cream, It's All A Matter Of Choice Lehuaokalani Kane 2000
Moody In Winter Steve Oliver 2000
Death Must Go On Mac Fletcher 2000
Death and the Penguin Andrey Kurkov 2000
Acid Row Minette Walters 2000
The Snow Garden Christopher Rice 2000
Any Four Women Could Rob The Bank of Italy Ann Cornelisen 2000
Blue Diary Alice Hoffman 2000
Night and the City Gerald Kersh 2000
Never Come Morning Nelson Algren 2000
The Secret History Donna Tartt 2000
While I Was Gone Sue Miller 2000
Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky 2000
Les Miserables Victor Hugo 2000
Cropper's Cabin Jim Thompson 2000
The Worthy Master of the Law Mark Scrivener 2000
Invisible Monsters Chuck Palahniuk 2000
Nothing More than Murder Jim Thompson 2000
The Killer Inside Me Jim Thompson 2000
Number9Dream David Mitchell 2000
The Teaching Emotion Meg Holle 2000
In His Corner: Will the Real Billy Joe Please Stand Joan Moore Lewis 2000
Reunion at Mossy Creek Deborah Smith 2000
The Transgressors Jim Thompson 2000
Without Wings Carole Waterhouse 2000
A Cup of Light Nicole Mones 2000
The Thought Gang Tibor Fischer 2000
Choke Chuck Palahniuk 2000
Pop. 1280 Jim Thompson 2000
A Fine Dark Line Joe R. Lansdale 2000
Thief Ben Jonjak 2000
Leonora: Tulips in Winter Regina Pounds 2000
High Stakes Kathy Herman 2000
Acceptable Losses Irwin Shaw 2000
A Dangerous Thing Josh Lanyon 2000
Out Natsuo Kirino 2000
Degrees of Guilt: Miranda's Story Melody Carlson 2000
The Postman Always Rings Twice James M. Cain 2000

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