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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Thin Walls Kris Nelscott 3000
The Poisoned Rose D. Daniel Judson 3000
C is for Corpse Sue Grafton 3000
The Big Dig Linda Barnes 3000
A Body in the Bathhouse Lindsey Davis 3000
The Pale Criminal Philip Kerr 3000
March Violets Philip Kerr 3000
Wild at Heart Jane Graves 3000
The Irish Sports Pages Les Roberts 3000
The Last Housewife Jon Katz 3000
Mobtown Jack Kelly 3000
Murder On The Minnesota Conrad Allen 3000
Kiss It Goodbye John Wessel 3000
Peaches and Screams G.A. McKevett 3000
The Man Who Fought Alone Stephen R. Donaldson 3000
Hope To Die Lawrence Block 3000
Strip Poker Nancy Bartholomew 3000
Red House K.J.A. Wishnia 3000
The Final Country James Crumley 3000
Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Alliance Larry Millett 3000
Massacre Island Martin Hegwood 3000
Bitter Sugar Carolina Garcia-Aguilera 3000
Funeral In Blue Anne Perry 3000
Murder Can Ruin on Your Shower Selma Eichler 3000
The Ritual Bath Faye Kellerman 3000
Scream in Silence Eleanor Taylor Bland 3000
Desert Wives Betty Webb 3000
The Guards Ken Bruen 3000
The Man Who Killed His Brother Stephen R. Donaldson 3000
The Deal Killer Jack Bludis 3000
Thicker Than Water P.J. Parrish 3000
Murder on the Caronia Conrad Allen 3000
The Godwulf Manuscript Robert B. Parker 3000
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing Gabrielle Lord 3000
Westerfield's Chain Jack Clark 3000
The Killing Kind John Connolly 3000
McNally's Alibi Lawrence Sanders and Vincent Lardo 3000
Crossed Bones Carolyn Haines 3000
Murder in the Bastille Cara Black 3000
Back Story Robert B. Parker 3000
And Flesh and Blood So Cheap Wayne D. Dundee 3000
The Big Switch Jack Bludis 3000
The White Road John Connolly 3000
Six Easy Pieces Walter Mosley 3000
Payback Alan Dunn 3000
The Singing Of The Dead Dana Stabenow 3000
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman P.D. James 3000
Angel In Black Max Allan Collins 3000
Potshot Robert B. Parker 3000
Sour Grapes G.A. McKevett 3000

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