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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Stabbing Stephanie Evan Marshal 3000
The Tainted Snuff Box Rosemary Stevens 3000
Murder in Pastel Colin Dunne 3000
Resort To Murder Carolyn Hart 3000
Fury G.M. Ford 3000
You Only Die Twice Edna Buchanan 3000
Dying Voices Laura Wilson 3000
Murder At Bertram's Bower Cynthia Peale 3000
Cold Flat Junction Martha Grimes 3000
Sticks and Scones Diane Mott Davidson 3000
The Deeds of the Disturber Elizabeth Peters 3000
Dolly is Dead J.S. Borthwick 3000
The Fourth Wall Beth Saulnier 3000
Hard Evidence Barbara D'Amato 3000
Bubbles Unbound Sarah Strohmeyer 3000
The Body In The Moonlight Katherine Hall Page 3000
Right on the Money Emma Lathen 3000
Heart -Shaped Box April Henry 3000
Thus Was Adonis Murdered Sarah Caudwell 3000
The Ape Who Guards the Balance Elizabeth Peters 3000
The Salzburg Connection Helen MacInnes 3000
The Constant Gardener John Le Carre 3000
Death at a Discount Valerie Wolzien 3000
Mile High Club Kinky Friedman 3000
Three Blind Mice Ed McBain 3000
The Crepes Of Wrath Tamar Myers 3000
Christmas Cookie Murder Leslie Meier 3000
Sugarplum Dead Carolyn Hart 3000
The Bishop at Sea Andrew Greeley 3000
The Mother Tongue Teri Holbrook 3000
Lou Dunlop: Cliffhanger Glen Ebisch 3000
Fast Women Jennifer Crusie 3000
May There Be A Road Louis L'Amour 3000
The Next To Die Kevin O'Brien 3000
The Grilling Season Diane Mott Davidson 3000
Irish Chain Earlene Fowler 3000
Kansas Troubles Earlene Fowler 3000
Wolf Whistle Marilyn Todd 3000
Seven Sisters Earlene Fowler 3000
Suspicion of Malice Barbara Parker 3000
Suspicion of Innocence Barbara Parker 3000
Dove in the Window Earlene Fowler 3000
Fool's Puzzle Earlene Fowler 3000
Three to Get Deadly Janet Evanovich 3000
Forgive Me Father Mickey Stroda 3000
The Agent: Murder By Accident M.J. Hollingshead 3000
Ninth Day of Creation Leonard Crane 3000
Winterwood Dorothy Eden 3000
Garnethill Denise Mina 3000
The Schoolmaster W.J. Burley 3000

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