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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Sicilian Mario Puzo 1000
The Queen of the South Arturo Pérez-Reverte 1000
Checkmate by Deception Breida Blik 1000
Money To Burn James Zagel 1000
The Friends of Eddie Coyle George V. Higgins 1000
Deep Six Clive Cussler 1000
Shades Samuel E. Stone 1000
Crush Samuel E. Stone 1000
The Sigma Protocol Robert Ludlum 1000
Rhinoceros Colin Forbes 1000
Silent Lightning Joe Gribble 1000
Ask the Cards a Question Marcia Muller 1000
Killing Orders Sara Paretsky 1000
Ransom Lois Duncan 1000
A Bitter Feast S.J. Rozan 1000
Milk and Honey Faye Kellerman 1000
The Griffon Trilogy: Part I Doug Murphy, Andrea Murphy 1000
Day Of Confession Allan Folsom 1000
Everybody Pays Maurice Possley and Rick Kogan 1000
Carrier 14: Typhoon Season Keith Douglass 1000
Dominator James Follett 1000
Thunder of Erebus Payne Harrison 1000
Night Probe! Clive Cussler 1000
The Runaway Martina Cole 1000
Goodnight Lady Martina Cole 1000
Barracuda Final Bearing Michael DiMercurio 1000
Dangerous Lady Martina Cole 1000
Kriegspiel Todd Stone 1000
Black Leather and Blue Denim, A '50s Novel Jay Dubya 1000
The Last Precinct Patricia Cornwell 1000
Truckstop Lawrance George Lux 1000
Momentary Lapses Lawrance George Lux 1000
Vineyard Shadows Philip R. Craig 1000
Gangster Lorenzo Carcaterra 1000
Christmas Cookie Murder Leslie Meier 1000
Paradise Interrupted Penny Mickelbury 1000
The Hunted Alan Jacobson 1000
Killing Time Caleb Carr 1000
The Heir Henry Luk 1000
Tiger Cruise Douglas Morgan 1000
The Post Office Nick Mandilas 1000
By Murder's Bright Light Paul Harding 1000
Slow Motion Riot Peter Blauner 1000
Man Of The Hour Peter Blauner 1000
Fast One Paul Cain 1000
Fall of a Cosmonaut Stuart Kaminsky 1000
Ill Wind Nevada Barr 1000
Death of a Russian Priest Stuart Kaminsky 1000
Black Leather Required David J. Schow 1000
Dark Rivers of the Heart Dean Koontz 1000

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