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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
California Connection Chunichi 1000
Thick as Thieves Peter Spiegelman 1000
Riding the Rap Elmore Leonard 1000
The Bobby Gold Stories Anthony Bourdain 1000
Smoked Patrick Quinlan 1000
Rum Punch Elmore Leonard 1000
Silent Lies Mary Lee Malcolm 1000
Florida Straits Laurence Shames 1000
Watch Your Back Donald E. Westlake 1000
The Christmas Thief Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark 1000
Boyos Richard Marinick 1000
Boost Steve Brewer 1000
Chasing the Dragon Domenic Stansberry 1000
In the Moon of Red Ponies James Lee Burke 1000
Death By Jury John Lutz 1000
Walking Money James O. Born 1000
Priceless Marne Davis Kellogg 1000
The Road to Ruin Donald E. Westlake 1000
The Hunter Richard Stark 1000
Cadillac Beach Tim Dorsey 1000
The Body of David Hayes Ridley Pearson 1000
The Burglar on the Prowl Lawrence Block 1000
Hammerhead Ranch Motel Tim Dorsey 1000
The Sapphire Sea John B. Robinson 1000
High Rhyme and Misdemeanors Diana Killian 1000
The Kissing Blades Jessica Hall 1000
Their Wildest Dreams Peter Abrahams 1000
Two Bits Clint Gaige 1000
The Chandler Apartments Owen Hill 1000
Off the Chart James W. Hall 1000
Brilliant Marne Davis Kellogg 1000
Dragon King's Palace Laura Joh Rowland 1000
The Getaway Man Andrew Vachss 1000
Naked Came the Manatee Carl Hiaasen 1000
Checkmate by Deception Breida Blik 1000
Dirty Diamonds Betty Sullivan La Pierre 1000
Blood on the Tongue Stephen Booth 1000
After Dark, My Sweet Jim Thompson 1000
Porlock Counterpoint Sam Smith 1000
Black Gold Charles O'Brien 1000
The Golden Gizmo Jim Thompson 1000
Scamming the Birdman Larry Karp 1000
The Friends of Eddie Coyle George V. Higgins 1000
Breaking Point - Net Force 4 Tom Clancy and Jeff Pieczenik 1000
Firebreak Richard Stark 1000
Rag Man Pete Hautman 1000
The Runaway Martina Cole 1000
Goodnight Lady Martina Cole 1000
Dangerous Lady Martina Cole 1000
Avenging Angel Esther Carney 1000

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